Reward Points

Automatically earn reward points for your reservation online!

With you always win!

Because you are or will you be our customer, we want to reward your trust and choice by creating a reward system. “Reward Points” is our way thanking you when you book online on our website. All customers benefit from this offer when they book a car online and loyalty through “Reward Points” is done in our database automatically, without the need of you for further details.
img-display  Puncte Recompensă puncte recompensaSo, for every € 20 you pay for a reservation receive one reward point, a point has a value of € 1. Points received will be used for future car rentals and other services offered in the company.

Book now desired car!

Reward points can be accumulated received an indefinite period and can be used anytime you have accumulated enough points to be redeemed and you need a rental car or adjacent. Points are not transferable and are valid for a single email address and the name / phone number. If there are changes in your email address or phone number please notify us in advance. Reward points are valid only for bookings online.

Thank you!

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